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About our Carriages


1.Why choose Coyaltix carriage?
-      Each carriage is customized to fit both driver and the equine (made to measure)
-      Carriage body and upholstery colors can be freely chosen
-      Each carriage is covered by a 2-year warranty
-      Our carriages are really strong ones (quality construction, highest quality finish, strong paint)
-      Each carriage modification possible
-      All this without any additional costs!
-      Competitive prices on all our carriages
2. Materials and Parts
-         High quality steel, aluminium and hardwood (ash)
-         Upholstery available in superior quality leather, cloth or vinyl
-         Brake pumps made by “Brembo” and “FAG”
-         Brake clamps made by “Brembo”
-         Stainless steel screws on all horse drawn carriages
-         Stainless steel disc brakes available
-         Powder coat paint or deep polyurethane varnish finish
3. Workmanship
-         Carriages are made by experienced professional craftsmen
-         Hand forged metal parts
-         Carriages and parts are made to measure to attain a good fit for equine and human alike
-         Custom designed vehicles and parts available, if you can dream it we can build it
-         Elegant styling and the highest quality finish on all carriages
-         Rigorous real use testing is conducted on each of our carriage models
-         TUV certification on all models
-      Quality natural leather upholstery (some examples VS2-4, UP7, VA7d, UP1, UP2, UP3, UP4, UP5, UP6)
4. Driving
-         Delayed steering available on competition carriages
-         Hard rubber tire wheels or pneumatic tire wheels (excellent for in use in difficult terrain such as mud, sand and rocks) are available
-         Great suspension system makes driving even in rough terrain a pleasure
-         Specially designed pole suspension system
-         Comfortable drivers seat with front/back adjustments
5. Safety
-         Marathon and American models have unique front guard system to protect driver from obstacles, stones, etc; also helps to keep balance when driving
-         High quality springs with excellent durability
-         Each vehicle is tested in tough real competition driving conditions
6. What’s new
-       Disney-Coyaltix Cinderella for the movie "Cinderella 2015".
-         Electric carriage (carriage powered with electric engine - in testing phase)
-         New models are frequently introduced
-         Interchangeable rear end on American models (one carriage for marathon and pleasure driving)
-         Revolutionary new brake system, that allows diagonal wheels to brake at the same time
-         Hard rubber tires have new shape that improves carriage stability and protects from turnovers
-         American models are adjustable for width from wheel to wheel on both front and rear axles (125-138 cm)
-         Turning radius regulation is possible, normal radius is 45°, with the regulator it can be adjusted to from 30° to 60°
-       Extended axle system 125-138-148 cm (or 49,2-54,3-58,2 in) for excellent  marathon driving
-       Cart for handicapped person CT3 only 30 cm (11,8 in) high from the ground
-      Technical Help - how to attach and adjust a pole and shafts, how to use a parking brake or adjust a seat