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American (see also Marathon 1 and Marathon 2)


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AM 2 AM 2c

AM 1 AM 1a

American carriage- more and more popular pleasure and competition use pony and horse carriage, comes with delayed steering system (if wanted), front/rear brakes (see details on new Regulated Delayed Steering RDS). We recommend also new Extended Axle System EAS (with marathon rear end - see details below). Great driving!

American carriage general dimensions - length ca. 235 cm (92,5 in), width ca.125-140 cm (49,2-55,1 in). The width depends on the trace of the carriage.

Both AM1 "American 1 "and  AM2 "American 2" are stylish and beautiful models with great suspension system. Two in One - means that this American carriage (thanks to two different easily inter-changeable rear ends) can be used as marathon (AM2c), or presentation carriage (AM2) as option: groom step - for marathon driving as on the picture AM2c, and groom seat - for presentation as on the picture AM2. Both models AM1 and AM2 are suitable for a pair of ponies or a pair of horses. Our American models (AM1 and AM2) can be adjustable for width from wheel to wheel on both front and rear axles (125-138-148 cm or 49,2-54,3-58,2 in) - see details EAS. Lamp brackets, rear and / or front disc brakes, parking brake, wood mudguards, great sliding seat adjustment, quality upholstery.


Wheels - 80/80, 90/90 cm, 100/100 cm (31,5/31,5 in; 35,4/35,4 in; 29,3/39,3 in). Also smaller wheels are available.

(please write for more details)