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Coyaltix carriages driven in USA

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"We are absolutely beyond impressed with the quality of the cart we purchased. To expand, my wife has very very high standards for her horses and equipment and had just told me last weekend that the Coyaltix is a work of ART !!


We could not be happier with every detail and more importantly giving us what we wanted with the color scheme and the workmanship on the bench seat, it is the nicest cart that I have seen. Jack P."

"I drove the cart in the arena with my race horse mini. We did a lot of running and turning (trying to wear him out so he will pay attention) with my husband watching. I felt extremely secure in the cart at all times. My husband, Billy, approved of the stablity and safety of the cart (that is a real test he is overly protective of me). I call my cart the "MERCEDES". We love it. It pays to go first class. Thanks again for all your knowlegeable assistance.
Shelle in Texas" (about Coyaltix cart)

"It is wonderful..hooked it up this afternoon to my fastest pony and let 'er rip....boy is it sweet....well worth the wait...and the red, white and blue is lovely.....smooth, quiet and agile...sweet!! Thank you!!! I will call you when we need another one. Denise Amann" (about Coyaltix marathon)

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