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Sledges (sleighs)


See Coyaltix carriages in different parts of the world!!!

SG 17

SG 16

SG 15

SG 14

SG 13

SG 12

SG 11

SG 10

SG 9

SG 8

SG 7

SG 6

SG 4

SG 3

SG 2

SG 1

SG17 - single horse vehicle with rolling-up hood.

SG16 - sleigh for up to 10 people.

SG15 - bigger sleigh with hood, wheels and groom seat at the back.

SG14 - sleigh with side door.

SG13 - sleigh with hood, wheels, mechanical brake on the rear wheels and hand brake!

SG12 - sleigh single or pair. 

SG10 -  sleigh for mini horses (shetland horses).

SG9 -  sleigh single or pair.

SG8 - sleigh single or pair.

SG7 - sleigh single or pair.

SG6 - great horse and pony sleigh.

SG4 - nice look pony and horse sleigh, great driving.

SG3 - horse sleigh suitable for a pair of horses.

SG2 - light horse and pony sleigh.

SG1 - wood horse and pony sleigh, nice look and comfort.


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