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Horse Carts and Pony Carts - suitable for pony and horse driving. Wood (ash) and metal, single horse two-wheeler, stylish and strong, sliding seat adjustment on most of the carts.

CT31 - pony cart (10-12hh) with double seat and brakes!

CT30 - nice pony cart with brakes.

CT29 - nice and stylish horse cart (not suitable for a pony), with wooden wheels and box at the back, quality upholstery. 

CT28 "Mighty Mouse" -  super mini cart for small equines, weight only 80 kg.

CT26 "Two-in-One" -  nice steel cart with groom seat (spyder-type) and marathon step (interchangeable rear-end). Two in One - means that this Cart (thanks to two different easily inter-changeable rear ends) can be used as "marathon-cart", or presentation-cart: groom step - for marathon driving as and groom seat - for presentation.

CT25 "Flame" - chariot, disc brakes, strong metal construction.

CT21 "Junior" - nice light metal pony / horse cart, disc brakes, easy entry step,  quality upholstery, sliding seat adjustment.

CT18  racing cart.

CT12 "Benelux" -  a very nice three phase competition cart with a removable back step and removable adjustable marathon shafts (optional pleasure shafts available by order). Suitable for horses and large ponies. It has a sliding, adjustable bench seat (CT12-1) with a removable drivers wedge. This cart can be dressed up by removing the navigator's step and adding lamps to the built in lamp brackets in the wooden fenders for a very nice look. It comes with disc brakes (stainless steel rotors available by order) and it has an adjustable body over axle which is easily done by the groom to balance the cart perfectly (see close up photo with small hand wheel). Painted and pin striped in your choice of colors.

CT11 "Accra" - great wooden horse cart / pony cart with wooden wheels and box under the seat, easy entry step, lamp brackets, stylish wooden mudguards, quality upholstery, sliding seat adjustment.

CT9 "Ladybug" - light sulky, great for mini/pony driving, suitable for mini/pony from 95 cm (9.3 hh), hard rubber steel wheels are in option, quality upholstery.

CT7 "Chester" - pony cart / horse cart made of wood with pumped wheels. Hard rubber steel wheels are possible. Disc brakes, parking brake, easy entry step, lamp brackets, quality upholstery.

CT6 "Jordan" - great for marathon driving and pleasure horse cart (with a detachable groom stand). Disc brakes, parking brake, lamp brackets, stylish wooden mudguards, quality upholstery. Lamps as option. 

CT5 "Cordilleras" - beautiful wooden horse cart / pony cart - wheels 110 cm (43,3 in) with disc brakes.

CT3 "Savoy" - an easy entry cart that sits lower to the ground with adjustable, removable shafts that angle upward. This cart is designed primarily with the disabled driver in mind. The full bench seat slides forward and backward to adjust for leg length and to aid in balancing the cart on the horse. Average track width of 138 cm. It comes with a removable wedge seat. Comes with wooden fenders with lamp holders. Single tree is designed for roller bolt or "D" end traces and quick release shackles. Available with hard rubber or motorcycle tires on steel wheels. This is a very nice looking cart, imagine it with lamps!

CT2 "Bee" - top light mini / pony cart, weight only 70 kg (without brakes), seat for two persons, hard rubber steel wheels are in option. Suitable for shetti/mini from 90 cm (8.3 hh).

Our horse carts and pony carts are suitable for pony / horse from 119cm (11.3 hh) up to 180cm (17.3 hh).


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