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Mini/Shetti Carriages and Sledge

model(s) on this page: WA48, CT28, WA25


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MA 69

WA 48

MA 10

WA 8

JA 4

WA 25

CT 28

CT 9

CT 2

SG 10

SG 11


Mini/Shetti carriages general dimensions - length ca. 160-190 cm (ca. 63-75 in), width ca. 125 cm (49,2 in).

MA69 - mini marathon for 1 and 2 minis with back brakes, track width 110 cm, wheel size 12-inches.

WA48 -  mini wagonette for a pair of minis, track width 110 cm or 125 cm. 

MA10 "Sparrow" (marathon MA10), WA8 "Skylark" (wagonette WA8 and WA8a), JA4 "Nightingale"  (jagdwagen JA4) - a family of mini/shetti and pony carriages. Hard rubber steel wheels are in option. Really nice vehicles suitable for minis from 90 cm (8.9 hh). Front seat dimensions (MA10, WA8, JA4): 95 cm x 42 cm (37,4 in x 16,54 in). Rear seat dimensions (WA8): 55 cm x 32 cm (21,65 in x 12,6 in); (JA4): 95 cm x 40 cm (37,4 in x 14,75 in). Rear disc brakes, parking brake, lamp brackets, quality upholstery.

CT2 "Bee" - mini/pony cart, weight only 70 kg (without brakes), seat for two persons, hard rubber steel wheels are in option. Suitable for shetti/mini from 89 cm (8.3hh).

CT9 "Ladybug" - suitable for mini/pony from 97 cm (9.2hh), hard rubber steel wheels are in option.

CT28 -  super mini cart for small equines, weight only 80 kg.

WA25 "Skylark 2" - nice pony/shetti wagonette suitable for a pair of mini-shetti or small pony. Front and rear disc brakes, back step, pneumatic wheels, hand brake, lamp brackets, quality upholstery, whip holder. Weight about 160 kg.

SG10 and SG11 - sledge for mini horses.

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